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Single layer Diamond or CBN bonded directly to a carbide shank via an electroplating technology

The appealing quality of these products is the speed of stock removal due to two major characteristics. One, the number of discrete abrasive grains that can occupy a surface approaches the ideal condition, and two, the cutting edges of the abrasive grains are exposed more than in any other grinding tool giving rise to a wide open structure and a very high concentration of Diamond or CBN in contact with the work surface.

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A sintered metal bond matrix impregnated with Diamond or CBN

Metal bonded super abrasive wheels are generally used for generating forms, intricate geometries and in some cases for stock removal. By matching the metal matrix with an abrasive type and content, wheels can be produced with specific grinding characteristics.

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A thermosetting resin bond matrix impregnated with Diamond or CBN

Resin bond products are preferred for the grinding of very brittle materials where edge integrity and surface finish are dominate considerations. They are also useful for rapid stock removal, providing a tool that grinds soft and cool. However, resin bond wheels do not hold forms readily and wear quickly.

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Vitrified (glass) matrix impregnated with Diamond or CBN

Vitrified wheels are known for their rapid stock removal capabilities with a form holding ability intermediate between metal and resin bonded products.

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